Caleb + Sarah - Snoqualmie Falls Engagement

I love these two. I met Caleb a few years back and Sarah not too long after. Let me tell you – they are the epitome of "Opposites Attract" but it works SO GREAT. The couldn't be more different than each other or more comparable for each other!

When we met in the parking lot of Snoqualmie Falls it was like seeing old friends that you hadn't seen in years. For the next two hours we laughed, climbed over boulders, and got caught in a little rain. 

I can't even deal with how amazing these two look in these photos. Sarah + Caleb, I had the best time with you two and I know that we are going to party hard on your wedding day! Until then, I will just keep drooling over these pictures! :)

Josiah MichaelComment