Ben + Ashley – Their Story: Part 1 – Seattle Engagement

There is something to be said about men who do the right thing, which isn’t always the easy thing. They find the courage to resolve in their hearts that they will do hard things, no matter the cost. 

Ben is one of those men.

When he found Ashley, he found the best thing. Ashley was a gem; a treasure with a great price. She was beautiful, had a heart of pure gold, and was exactly what Ben had been looking for. So he decided to take the risk and pursue friendship with her. 

It wasn’t easy – in fact, Ashley was pretty much closed to the idea. But over time, through his consistency, he won her heart. There were so many times that Ben could have lost all hope and given up, but he knew that she was worth it. 

There is also something to be said about those who abandon their fears and find peace, even in the uncertainty of things. It was impossible for Ashley to know for certain if her and Ben would end up together forever, but she still chose to trust him while he won her. Watching these two has been so inspiring! Their love is deep and so apparent to anyone they cross paths with. 

Here is part of their story. They came out to Seattle to visit Ashley’s sister and I grabbed them for a few pictures. These are a few of my favorites. Ben & Ash – thank you for letting me share your story! You two have become such good friends to me and I am looking forward to so many good years ahead! 

Josiah MichaelComment