Charlie + Rikki – Seattle Engagement

When Charlie and Rikki asked if we could shoot in their neighborhood in Seattle, I was more than excited. Ballard is one of my go to spots for dinner with friends. I love everything about it, from the laid back vibes to the amazing cuisine. Not only does it have good food, but the whole neighborhood is perfect for photos! 

I love that Charlie and Rikki invited me into their world. They showed me some of their favorite spots in Ballard, including King's Hardware, which is a great spot for a beer and some skeeball! This couple is incredibly fun and I am so excited about their wedding coming up! We finished the shoot with a little trip to Carkeek Park to take in the stunning views of the sound and Olympics across the water.

I love Seattle so much. You get the best of both worlds – a beautiful city surrounded by beautiful mountains and water. Even more, I love my clients who love to explore this beautiful city with me.