Ben + Ashley – Minneapolis Engagement

A few posts back, I wrote about the time that Ben and Ashley came to Seattle to visit her sister. Ben and I had talked before they came out and I knew that he would propose the weekend that they were visiting. I figured it would be a great opportunity to grab some shots of them before he popped the question. I showed up to West Seattle and "just so happened to have my camera". :) I told them that we should take a few shots in front of the Seattle skyline, knowing that Ashley would love these pictures of her and Ben just hours before he proposed. You can see those fantastic shots here.

Of course, after Ben proposed, a real engagement session needed to happen, and we all agreed that it should take place in their neck of the woods this time. 

I think Minnesota gets a bad rap for their bitter cold winters and hot, sticky summers, but I've actually grown quite fond of the place. It seems that each time I am there I make new friends and even more memories. This engagement session is no exception. We had the BEST time. 

Ben and Ashley have the most beautiful relationship (which I am sure you can see in these photos). One minute they are having the most ridiculously fun time and the next minute they are so in love that you would think no one else on the planet exists. Their love for each other is tried and true – they notice every detail about each other and are genuinely content and happy with being together. I am always refreshed and inspired whenever I spend time with them.

Here are my favorites from the shoot – let the love take you away. 

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